Hey, great question. Healthnotes is the industry-leading natural health database used by household names like Walmart, GNC, and Whole Foods to deliver self-care health tips and recommendations to their shoppers.

  • The latest self-care advice for 200 health conditions and health goals
  • Fully-cited nutrition tips, rated supplements, healthy recipes, and OTC's
  • 10,000+ data relationships

It's this simple: Healthnotes enables you to deliver the right tip to the right person at the right time. You wouldn't give a 25 year-old pregnant mother the same advice you'd give your 55 year-old uncle, would you? We help target your message.

Check out the quick example we created to see how our data can be used to make truly useful (and used) experiences.


What type of apps could you build?

  • A tool to help runners with better stamina on long-distance runs
  • An app to help users choose supplements based on how their prescribed medications interact with their psychology
  • A simple widget that displays the top three health benefits of adding more fiber to your diet
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